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Bird’s-eye View from Cathedral Tower

Bird's-eye View from Cathedral Tower

Publishing Era: 1907-1915
Publisher: Chas. W. Hughes, Mechanicville, NY
Postmark Year: 1914

WHERE THE PHOTOGRAPHER STOODMap Bird's Eye View from Cathedral Tower

Postmark Date: October 29, 1914
Mailed to: Raymond Street, Elgin, Illinois
Mailed from: Albany
Note: Dear Ida. I am here where our mothers were born and raised. I have been seeing the places their feet have tread and it gives one a queer feeling. The town is very quaint & old.
With love,

Bird’s Eye View from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Notable Streets: Eagle Street, Madison Avenue, State Street, Lancaster Street
Notable Buildings: New York State Capitol, Site of Telephone Building, Site of New York Education Building, Cathedral of All Saints, City Hall, Catholic Union Building, Calgary Baptist Church, Moore Bros’ Veterinary Surgeons, Site of Empire State Plaza, The Egg

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