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Commission House District, Lower Broadway

Commission House District, Lower Broadway

Publishing Era: 1907-1915
Publisher: SL & Co.
Postmark Year: 1911

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Postmark Date: November 17, 1911
Mailed to: East Chatham
Mailed from: Albany
Note: Called on Maggie today and found out she foes to Knox tomorrow for two weeks visit. I shall come with Don & Anna if they do not come. Will be out on the train that get to East Chatham about three o’clock. It was nother aunt who you see had died.
Your loving daughter

Broadway at Hudson Avenue
Notable Streets: State Street, Broadway, Beaver Street
Notable Buildings: Site of the D&H Building, Albany Trust Building, Coulson’s, Hotel Hampton, Jack’s, Albany Argus Building, Douw’s Building, SUNY Research Foundation, Knickerbocker News Building, Broadway Plaza Liquor

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