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Greetings from Albany

Greetings from Albany

Publishing Era: 1901-1907
Publisher: Illustrated Postal Card Co., New York-Berlin
Postmark Year: 1909

Postmark Date: August 2, 1906
Mailed to: 225 Green Street, Schenectady
Mailed from: Albany
Note: Ella & Chas. Telephone your father at hospital today. They say up and around and feeling quite good. Am going up tomorrow. Best of luck to you both.

Albany Montage
Notable Streets: Eagle Street, Madison Avenue, State Street, Washington Avenue, Lodge Street, Broadway, South Swan Street, Lancaster Street
Notable Buildings: Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Albany Boys’ Academy, New York State Capitol, St Peter’s Episcopal Church, All Saints Cathedral, Federal Building, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Notable People: Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Various Women

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