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Harmanus Bleecker Hall and Central Y.M.A. Library

Harmanus Bleecker Hall and Central YMA Library

Publishing Era: 1907-1915
Publisher: The Albany News Company, Albany, NY
Postmark Year: 1912

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Postmark Date: March 13, 1913
Mailed to: Fullers
Mailed from: Albany
Note: Friend Emerson,
Yours niece this evening was glad to hear from you, also your card of last weeks, this is some rain we are having all right. Don’t think so, I you chocolate soldier, suppose this postal looks natural to you. Did you have a good time at the dance last week? I expect to go to one this Saturday. Will write more next time I remember.

Harmanus Bleecker Hall
Notable Streets: Washington Avenue
Notable Buildings: Harmanus Bleecker Hall, YMA Central Library, Albany Academy for Girls, Washington Avenue Armory, Future Site of Albany Public Library, Future Site of 1199 SEIU Building

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