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Old City Hall

Old City Hall

Publishing Era: 1915-1930
Publisher: Unknown
Postmark Year: N/A
Misc: No. 11 in the Albany Historic Post Card Series

WHERE THE PHOTOGRAPHER STOODMap Old City HallView How it Looks Now via Google Street View

Postmark Date: Not Mailed
Mailed to: N/A
Mailed from: N/A
Note: N/A
Postcard Notes: 
The old City Hall, shown in the Kollner view, was designed by Philip Hooker. It was destroyed by fire, as was the Baptist Church in the distance, in the 1880’s. The Court House, still standing, is on the left.

Old City Hall
Notable Streets: Washington Avenue, Eagle Street, Corning Place
Notable Buildings: City Hall, Court of Appeals, Pearl Street Baptist Church, Residences

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